• Freres Lumber Company, Inc.
  • Oregon Right to Life PAC
  • Bud Pierce, MD, Ph. D., Oregon Oncology Specialists*
  • Tonk & Debbie Fischer, Fischer, Hayes, Joye & Allen, LLC*
  • Rob & Jane Freres, Freres Lumber Company, Inc.
  • Mike Nearman, State Representative
  • Tim Kirsch, Mayor of Mill City
  • Ted & Diane Freres, Freres Lumber Company, Inc.
  • Doug & Audrey Weathers, Sodbuster Farms*
  • Tom & Debbie Fessler, Woodburn Nursery and Azaleas*
  • Kyle & Trisha Freres, Freres Lumber Company, Inc.
  • Alan Kraemer, Kraemer’s Nursery, Inc.*
  • Tyler & Deana Freres, Freres Lumber Company, Inc.
  • Lynda Harrington
  • Gary Houser
  • Bob Youngman
  • David & Lenora Johnson
  • Joe & Marylen Amsberry
  • Jeff Woodwick
  • Sam Sapp
  • Brad Brunhaver
  • Karen Duchien

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“The Marion County Commission makes important decisions affecting our local economy. As someone who produces wood products, I know first-hand how important it is to have someone like Colm Willis who will promote our natural resource based economy, whether that is agriculture or wood. Colm will be an advocate for us and for family wage jobs in Marion County.”

— Rob Freres