Fighting for Working Oregonians

Our wages here in Oregon have been stagnant for over a decade. And instead of fostering policies that encourage small businesses to grow, governments often impose job-killing regulations and taxes on working Oregonians. Politicians partner with corrupt corporations to crush new businesses, keeping wages low and costs high. I will always fight for working Oregonians, and the small businesses that make our communities strong.


It's not hard to see that our health care system is broken. So many Americans cannot afford to get sick, while others take advantage of a system that’s not fair. While those in D.C. seek to add millions of people into a broken, expensive system that does not fix the basic problems everyday Americans face. As your county commissioner, I will do everything I can to fight for real health care reform that tackles out-of-control costs, while protecting seniors, and solving real healthcare problems.


Oregon has one of the worst high school graduation rates in the country. Every time we get bad news about our schools our leaders spend more money on overpaid administrators instead of getting our kids the help they need in the classroom. I will fight for local control and ensure that the money we spend on our schools actually gets to our kids.


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Public Safety

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Mental Health

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Our country is dysfunctional because we’ve lost our sense of moral clarity. I believe strong families build strong communities. I’m pro-life. I believe America is stronger when we fight for everyone, young and old. I’m a husband, dad, son and brother. I will never forget where I come from, who I serve, or what I believe.

The Constitution

I believe our rights come from God and are a check on the government’s power over us. I will always defend our First Amendment right to freely practice any religion we choose. I am also a gun owner and will fight for our Second Amendment right to bear arms.