Jobs & Employment

Marion County is home to smart, talented, and incredibly hard-working people. County Government should do everything it can to provide excellent essential services and then get out of the way. This means reducing onerous regulations, and speeding up the permitting process so that businesses can grow and compete and provide good paying jobs right here in Marion County.


Increasingly, Marion County residents are wasting time sitting in traffic at the end of the day instead of being at home with their families. Marion County is growing, and our roads and bridges need to keep up with that growth. Our county government should lean in to help build a new bridge between downtown Salem and West Salem and I will do everything I can to ease congestion in Marion County.  

Public Safety

Ensuring that our public safety officials have the resources to keep us safe is one of the most important jobs of the Marion County Commission. Our Sheriff’s deputies, deputy district attorneys as well as the non-profits and health care providers they work with do incredible work for our county.  Increasingly issues of mental health and substance abuse in Marion County are putting strains on our public safety resources. More patrol deputies are coming on-line which is a good start, but we must continue to make sure our Sheriff’s office has enough staff, modern equipment and support to keep our neighborhoods safe.


Farming and forestry are fundamental to our lives and livelihood here in Marion County. Agriculture is not only important to our economy but also to our culture.  I will be an advocate for our farmers and foresters here in Marion County as well as those who process and ship our farm and forest products. Too often government regulations, taxes, and poor planning have closed our family farms and destroyed jobs. I will be a strong voice for agriculture on the Marion County Commission.


Homelessness is on the rise in Marion County. Something is broken and we must find solutions that are long-term, not just short-term fixes. This means addressing housing, employment, public safety, mental and behavioral health, and veterans services in our community. I am committed to doing all that we can to get help to people on our streets.

Controlling Spending & Limiting New Fees

We owe it to the taxpayers of Marion County to manage the county budget efficiently. We need to weed out duplication of services and continue to find and eliminate waste in county government. The taxes received by Marion County belong to the people of Marion County.