Meet Colm


Colm Willis is an Oregonian. He is a husband, a father of four girls, and a small business attorney in Stayton, Oregon. Some of his favorite memories as a child include spending Christmas Eve every year at Mt. Angel with his family and hiking the Timberline Trail around Mount Hood during the summer.

After high school, Colm attended Boston College in Massachusetts. When he graduated, Colm took a job in the U.S. Senate as an aide to the Joint Economic Committee during the economic collapse of 2008. He staffed congressional hearings with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and helped economists analyze data. However not long after he was hired, Colm left Capitol Hill, feeling disillusioned with members of both parties’ decision to bail out investment banks and major corporations with taxpayer dollars instead of giving the taxpayer money back to working people.

He came back home to Oregon at the end of 2010 and while working full time, Colm attended Willamette University College of Law. In 2015 he earned the Civil Rights Award and graduated first in his class as valedictorian.

Colm now represents individuals, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs in the Willamette Valley. Colm is running for office because he feels that for too long political and business leaders have used their power to benefit themselves at the expense of working families. As a result of their maneuvering, health insurance costs are rising, taxes are hitting regular people harder, and childcare, housing, and education have become prohibitively expensive.

Colm believes that Marion County should be a place where a good education, a good job, a good home and a secure retirement are available to every resident.