Our wages here in Oregon have been stagnant for over a decade. And instead of fostering policies that encourage small businesses to grow, Washington has been imposing job-killing regulations and taxes on working Oregonians. Politicians in Washington have partnered with corrupt corporations to crush new businesses, keeping wages low and costs high. I will always fight for working Oregonians, and the small businesses that make our communities strong.

National Security

Politicians in Washington have weakened our allies abroad, and empowered our adversaries. The Obama administration’s decision to lift sanctions on Iran, and allow ISIS to run rampant in the Middle East has put our soldiers in danger and made us vulnerable here at home. Many families in Oregon send their sons and daughters to protect our nation. I am deeply grateful for their service. I will only vote to send them into harm’s way when absolutely necessary and I will always give them the resources they need to do their job.


As a small business-owner and father, I know our health care system is broken. So many Americans cannot afford to get sick, while others take advantage of a system that’s not fair. Obamacare adds millions of people into a broken, expensive system and does not fix the basic problems everyday Americans face. In Congress, I will fight for real health care reform that tackles out-of-control costs, protects Medicare and actually solves our healthcare problems.


The men and women who have served this country deserve our utmost respect and gratitude. They also deserve a healthcare system that works and as many opportunities as we can provide them to re-enter civilian life. I will work to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs and hold accountable those bureaucrats who are responsible for recent mistreatment of our veterans.


Oregon seniors have worked hard throughout their lives to provide for their families and make our country great. We owe them a great deal and the least we can do is ensure the federal government keeps its promises to them. Social Security and Medicare must be properly funded and put on a secure basis for this generation and the next. I will fight against the irresponsible politicians who try to take money from social security to pay for other programs. I will work to represent the interests of everyday seniors in Congress.

The Constitution

I believe our rights come from God and are a check on the government’s power over us. I will always defend our First Amendment right to freely practice any religion we choose. I am also a gun owner and will fight for our Second Amendment right to bear arms.


Oregon now has one of the worst high school graduation rates in the country. Every time we get bad news about our schools our leaders spend more money on overpaid administrators instead of getting our kids the help they need in the classroom. In Congress, I will fight for local control and ensure that the money we spend on our schools actually gets to our kids.


Washington is dysfunctional because we’ve lost our sense of moral clarity. I believe strong families build strong communities. I’m pro-life. I believe America is stronger when we fight for everyone, young and old. I’m a husband, dad, son and brother. I will never forget where I come from, who I serve, or what I believe.


Our nation’s immigration system is broken. For years the federal government has failed to live up to its responsibility to protect our borders. In Congress, I will stand up against the irresponsible politicians who are undermining our legal immigration system. I will work to strengthen a sustainable process that is fair to both new immigrants and current U.S. citizens.