Parole and Probation


This week I visited the Parole and Probation Division of the Sheriff’s Office. Lieutenant Karvandi and Sergeant Whitlock gave me an overview of their office, gave me a tour of their transition center, and took me to visit their Student Opportunity for Achieving Results (SOAR) office on Chemeketa Community College’s campus.

This 12-week intensive treatment and employment program designed for individuals with a history of substance abuse released from prison and returning to Marion County after serving their sentences. 

The Marion County Health Department, Chemeketa Community College and Parole and Probation officers from the Sheriff’s office all work together to teach cognitive and behavioral skills to the folks enrolled in the SOAR program and get them the mental health and substance abuse services that they need.
Since Marion County began this and other evidence-based programs for individuals on probation, the percentage of released inmates who go on to recommit crimes after release has plummeted.

Often, we don’t think about the impact on our community that individuals can have after they serve their sentences. But it is vitally important to our whole community that these released individuals positively contribute and don’t endanger our community upon their release.
Hundreds of inmates are released every year, and I am grateful for the work that the parole and probation division of our Sheriff’s office does to keep all of us safe.


Additionally, this month the U.S. Department of Transportation announced that it is awarding $8.1 million to repair and renovate the North Santiam River Bridge in Mill City. This will have a massive impact on improving transportation in the Santiam Canyon. I am proud to have the endorsement of Mill City Mayor Tim Kirsch and co-founder of the Save Our Bridge campaign, Lynda Harrington. Congratulations to both of them and everyone who was involved in this effort.

We are now only 7 weeks away from election day and our campaign is heating up.

We will begin a volunteer night on Monday evenings to get the word out to voters about our campaign. If you can help us, please sign up to volunteer.

Reagan Knopp