Focusing on Public Safety

I am frustrated that the Army Corps of Engineers has ignored local input and is still pushing a plan to drain Detroit Lake. I stand with the Santiam Canyon and oppose any plan that will drain Detroit Lake.

I will be personally writing a letter to Congressman Kurt Schrader and our two Senators, urging them to do all they can to ensure that Detroit Lake does not get drained. Our voices are stronger together. Please sign my letter to Senators Wyden and Merkley, and Congressman Schrader.

Marion County Sheriff Jason Myers
I am honored to have the endorsement of Marion County Sheriff Jason Myers. He is a deeply respected member of our law enforcement community. I am looking forward to working side by side with him on the Marion County Commission to ensure he has the resources and tools he needs to continue to keep our community safe.

Salem Chief of Police Jerry Moore
This last Tuesday I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with one of Salem’s most respected men of service, Salem Police Chief Jerry Moore. He has served the Salem community for nearly four decades and has been the Police Chief for 13 years. We spoke at length about the recent rise in crime rates, and the relationship between various police departments from around the area. As head of the second largest city police department in the State of Oregon with nearly 190 officers, his job requires him to know and understand the people of Salem so that he can continue to maintain a police force that the community is proud of. Speaking with the Chief deepened my admiration for the law enforcement community and the selfless character of their work. We are lucky to have such fine police offers in Salem.


My Vision for Public Safety
Ensuring that our public safety officials have the resources to keep us safe is one of the most important jobs of the Marion County Commission. Our Sheriff's deputies, deputy district attorneys as well as the non-profits and health care providers they work with do incredible work for our county.  Increasingly issues of mental health and substance abuse in Marion County are putting strains on our public safety resources. More patrol deputies are coming on-line which is a good start, but we must continue to make sure our Sheriff’s office has enough staff, modern equipment and support to keep our neighborhoods safe.

God bless,

-- Colm

Reagan Knopp