Colm Willis

Occupation: Small Business Attorney

Occupational Background: Small Business Owner

Educational Background: Boston College; Willamette University College of Law, Valedictorian

Prior Governmental Experience: Staff Member, U.S. Senate Joint Economic Committee; Political Director, Oregon Right to Life; Republican Precinct Committee Person;

Advocating for Marion County

  • Promote new roads, build a third bridge to West Salem to reduce traffic
  • Oppose property tax increases

  • Stop federal bureaucrats from draining Detroit Lake

Promoting Marion County Values

  • Stand up for our farmers and foresters

  • Help our Sherriff’s office keep our neighborhoods safe

  • Support strong communities and families

Fighting for Marion County Jobs

“The Marion County Commission makes important decisions affecting our local economy. As someone who produces wood products, I know rst-hand how important it is to have someone like Colm Willis who will promote our natural resource based economy, whether that is agriculture or wood. Colm will be an advocate for us and for family wage jobs in Marion County.”

— Rob Freres

(Published at colmwillis.com on January 10, 2018)

Endorsed by Conservative Leaders, Local Farmers and Small Business Owners

Dr. Bud Pierce
Oregon Right to Life PAC
Freres Lumber Company, Inc.
Lynda Harrington, Founder of Save Our Bridge Committee Representative Mike Nearman
Maryann Meredith, Board Member Santiam Hospital
Karl Dettwyler, Blue Line Farms Inc.
Tom Fessler, Woodburn Nursery & Azaleas
Doug Weathers, Sodbuster Farms
Tonk Fischer, Fischer, Hayes, Joye & Allen, LLC
Tim Kirsch, Mayor of Mill City

With your help, I’ll work every day to make Marion County the heart of Oregon. I want our county to be citizen focused and worthy of your trust. I would be honored to have your vote.

— Colm Willis