Touring Woodburn

This week, we continued our county-wide tour. I met with entrepreneurs in Woodburn and I continued to speak out about the danger to Marion County if the federal government moves forward with its plan to drain Detroit Lake. Our momentum is building!

Lars Larson Interview on Detroit Lake


I appreciate Lars Larson for having me on his radio show to discuss my opposition to draining Detroit Lake. I am passionate about serving our rural communities and it frustrates me that the Army Corps of Engineers just doesn't seem to understand the threat that draining Detroit Lake poses to our region.

Touring Woodburn

On Tuesday, Jose Gonzales and Dayna Jung of the Latino Business Alliance were my guides as I toured downtown Woodburn and met with small business owners and entrepreneurs. We stopped by Espandienda Luceros as well as a health and wellness club. Esther, the owner of the club built her business out of her home.  Her story was one of the most impressive I heard. Not only did she turn her own health around but she also turned her company into a type of restaurant so that she can make healthy meals for the whole community. 

One of the main concerns of many of the business owners on Front Street is safety. There is an alley located behind the stores that is not regularly maintained. As a result, sometimes the shops are vandalized. It is a reminder that public safety is not only important for us socially, but economically as well. 

Reagan Knopp