The Campaign So Far

This was an important week on our campaign. We worked to finalize many of our upcoming plans in the campaign. We also have some critical written materials going out. Both of them will be going out for public consumption soon but I wanted you to have the opportunity to read them first.

Submitting Voters Pamphlet
The voters pamphlet is a very important campaign item. This booklet is mailed to every single voter in Marion County along with State Voters Pamphlet. I believe it is one of the rare opportunities to reach every single voter with a positive message showing them why our campaign is the one to best represent them. We submitted our statement prior to the deadline on Tuesday and you can get a sneak peak at it below.


Colm Willis

Republican, Independent 

Occupation: Small Business Attorney
Occupational Background: Small Business Owner
Educational Background: Boston College; Willamette University College of Law, Civil Rights Award, Valedictorian
Governmental Experience: Staff Member, U.S. Senate Joint Economic Committee

Keeping our Communities Safe

  • Increase law enforcement presence in our neighborhoods and schools

  • Support the development of the Union Gospel Mission to clear downtown Salem of homeless camps

Fighting for Good Jobs and Housing

  • Fight for long-term, higher-paying jobs for Marion County residents

  • Promote new housing options to ease escalating rents and home prices 

Standing up for Marion County

  • Hold the Salem City Council responsible for blocking the third bridge to West Salem

  • Stop the Army Corps of Engineers from draining Detroit Lake

Endorsed by Sheriff Jason Myers
“Colm will be a strong advocate for public safety. I look forward to working with him as a County Commissioner.”
—Sheriff Jason Myers
(Published at on August 29, 2018)

Endorsed by Commissioner Janet Carlson
“Colm brings a broad perspective on important county issues like mental health, homelessness, children and families, and affordable housing. He has my full support.”
—Commissioner Janet Carlson
(Published at on August 29, 2018)

Supported by Farmers
“Marion County is the state’s top-producing agriculture county, and our farm community employs thousands of workers. Colm Willis understands the challenges we face as farmers, which is why he has my support.”
—Peter Dinsdale, Blue Heron Farm LLC
(Published at on August 29, 2018)

With your help, I’ll work every day to make Marion County citizen focused and worthy of your trust. I would be honored to have your vote.
—Colm Willis

County Tour Update

It has been a while since we’ve given you an update on our county tour efforts. The campaign trail has been very active. So far we have visited a majority of the towns and cities in Marion County. We toured the Keizer Fire Station, visited with Mill City Mayor Tim Kirsch and talked about the upcoming infrastructure plans for the city, toured the Freres Lumber plant in Lyons, went on a Latino Small Business tour in Woodburn, met with farmers in Silverton, and participated in the Corn Festival Parade in Aumsville. Though we have been to many places, we still have many more stops before election day!

It’s Time for Signs!
Now that we are two months from election day, it is time to dust off your campaign yard sign and put it up to support our campaign. If you still have a yard sign from our campaign from the primary, please put it out in the yard!  If you need a yard sign, you can request one here. Your public support will bolster our momentum! 

Thanks for all that you do.

Reagan Knopp