Affordable Housing is Critical

Today we are facing an affordable housing crisis, with increased housing prices, low vacancy rates, and an increasing population. During the past two legislative sessions, the Oregon Legislature has sought to address this problem through a series of bills that include rent control and inclusionary zoning programs. But each of these programs only further inhibits the development of more affordable housing. In Salem alone, the vacancy rate stands at 2.3%. Steps need to be taken to increase home building, and home affordability. In order to achieve this, we need to speed up the permitting process for developers and find ways to work with local governments to decrease SDC fees in order to lower the initial cost of building housing developments.


This past Wednesday, I had the opportunity of speaking in front of hundreds of realtors from the Mid-Willamette Valley. I discussed the value of home buying for communities, and the importance protecting the property rights of landowners. I also spoke with a number of realtors one on one and we discussed the current housing market throughout the Willamette Valley and various approaches to addressing the affordable housing crisis.

Help with Fields Signs


Now that we are 60 days out from election day, you will notice yards and farms in neighborhoods and along highways will be covered in campaign signs! Our campaign was the first to start putting up our large, 4x8 field signs up and down I-5. With the help of Rich Henner, and the farmers who are supporting our campaign, we are able to line the roads with field signs.

Don’t forget that your yard signs can go up now. If you haven’t received yours, request one below.

Salem Area Chamber of Commerce Meeting


This week, I also attended the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce public policy session. We had good discussions about many of the important business issues facing us here in Marion County. We need to reduce onerous regulations, and speed up the permitting process so that businesses can grow, compete, and provide good paying jobs right here in Marion County.

God bless,

-- Colm

Reagan Knopp