46 Days…

It is incredible to think that we have just 46 days remaining in our campaign. We began this journey in October, 2017. We've been on the campaign trail for 337 days. We've been preparing and working hard but now is when we need you the most. There are three critical things you can do to help my campaign right now:

  • Volunteer for an hour

  • Display a sign

  • Make a contribution

Thank you for everything you have done thus far. We're almost there!

Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel


I spent Saturday afternoon at Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel. It’s a wonderful cultural event that attracts tens of thousands from around Oregon. It also brought me back to my childhood. Some of my happiest memories are family trips to Mt. Angel.

Infrastructure and the Third Bridge


Increasingly, Marion County residents are spending time sitting in traffic at the end of the day instead of being at home with their families. As the population in Marion County continues to rise, modern infrastructure such as safe roadways, necessary bridges, and increased broadband access are imperative to maintaining a high quality of life.

Providing updated infrastructure is not only essential to bolstering the quality of life for citizens going to and from work, but it is critical for our local businesses and farmers. County governments play a critical role in building the basic facilities that directly affect every citizen. As your next Marion County Commissioner, I will fight to bring the citizens of Marion County the best and most essential infrastructure.  

What a Third Bridge Means to Us

I have met many local residents who have impressed on me the need for a third bridge. My wife and I lived in West Salem for a time, and we experienced first hand the congestion that is caused by the Center Street Bridge in the morning and the Marion Street Bridge in the afternoon and evening. I have heard many stories of Marion County residents who need this critical piece of infrastructure. 

Currently, the plans to build a third bridge to West Salem is held up in the Salem City Council. The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals has recognized three questions in the study that need to be addressed in order to proceed with the plan. There is progress being made but we need more advocates in local government to ensure the will of Marion County residents is heard.

Celebrating Commissioner Janet Carlson and the DeMuniz Legal Resource Center

I was grateful to be invited to attend an evening honoring Janet Carlson and the work she has done to support the Marion County Re-entry initiative. Approximately 95% of the people who are convicted of crimes in Marion County eventually are released. They are our neighbors, co-workers, and their kids go to our schools. The Re-entry initiative is a collaborative effort between law enforcement, lawyers, and local nonprofits to give recently released people housing support, legal services, employment opportunities and training to help them continue the progress they are making in their lives. Because of this initiative, fewer people released from jail in Marion County continue to commit crimes in our community which makes all of us safer.

New Video Coming Soon…


This week, we started filming our ads for October. I am very excited to see our message come together and I will make sure you get to see them first!

God bless,

-- Colm

Reagan Knopp